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Flevo Dentist is a modern dental practice that, in addition to regular dentistry, is the only one in Flevoland that specializes in laughing gas and anesthesia treatments. Together with you, we ensure that you have beautiful and healthy teeth.

At Flevo Tandarts we still have room to receive new patients. We will draw up a personal treatment plan with you, so that you can enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth for years to come.


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I was quite anxious, but I was treated extremely well by dentist Tairie. The anesthesia was not that painful because he uses very thin needles. Very nice and knowledgeable, also puts you at ease. On to the next treatment.

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Wassim Karwar


My neighbor Jan had not dared to go to the dentist for years. I convinced him to go together after all. He has been to dentist Sharif. Created a plan together and implemented it. Everything discussed in detail in advance. And as for the bill: fair! The rest can learn something from this...

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Greetings Iske


Fear of the dentist, the good, decisive assistant of this dental practice helped to overcome my terrible fear. The dentists treat the patient with fear, as human beings, do their work with great patience. My teeth were cared for professionally and professionally under anesthesia. Fear of the dentist does not have to be a barrier with this great team. Just walk into the practice and experience it for yourself.

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Mega not a fan of dentists but this one seriously makes you happy.
Nitrous oxide treatment. A root canal treatment was done quietly and (quite) painlessly.
Many dentists can learn something from this man!

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Gijs van Vliet


Finally a family practice in the region again. A very friendly dentist who takes my financial situation into account and gradually tries to repair my teeth after years of neglect. Highly recommended!

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Bianca de Bont


My 10 year old daughter is afraid of the dentist. After visiting this dentist, her reaction was: “Mom, he's really great!!!!”. She's just looking forward to the next check-up. I think that says it all. My own experience is also positive. Extremely nice and knowledgeable. I am happy that after a long search I have finally found a nice dentist again

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You are very welcome in our practice

Why choose Flevo Dentist?

Are you looking for a dentist in Lelystad? You are very welcome at Flevo Tandarts, located at Meenthoek 3-5 in Lelystad. We currently still have room for new patients. Click here for the Travel directions to our practice, or if you would like to come directly to enrol. It team van Flevo Dentist looks forward to helping you soon with healthy teeth and a radiant smile.

Do you have a fear of the dentist and are you looking for an experienced dentist in Lelystad who can treat you under anesthesia or anesthesia? Then you have come to the right place. You can contact us for regular dental treatments, but also for treatments under anesthesia. Do you want more information? Please feel free Contact with us. We are ready to answer all your questions.

Within our practice we work with sedation using laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has a calming effect and takes away some of the pain, so you will notice little or nothing of the treatment and experience less pain. Unlike anesthesia treatments, you remain fully conscious during nitrous oxide treatments. So you can still see and hear everything, but the "sharp edges" have been removed, so you will feel relaxed in the dental chair and your visit to our dental practice in Lelystad will go as smoothly as possible.

Flevo Dentist is the only dentist in Flevoland who specializes in laughing gas and anesthesia treatments. Would you like to make an appointment? Then we kindly ask you for it registration form on our website, after which we will contact you shortly to confirm your registration and immediately schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, you can reach us by telephone at: 032 032 21 13.

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Questions for the dentist in Lelystad

Are you looking for a new dentist in Lelystad? It team van Flevo Tandarts welcomes you to our practice. We are located in a beautiful location in the center of Lelystad. Click here for the Travel directions to our practice. Our enthusiastic and driven team is ready for you and will do everything possible to ensure that your visit to the dentist in Lelystad goes as smoothly as possible.

New patients are very welcome at the dentist in Lelystad. Would you like to make an appointment? Then we kindly ask you for it registration form to be completed on our website. We will then contact you as soon as possible to confirm your registration and immediately schedule an appointment with you.

The dentist in Lelystad offers various dental treatments. For a complete overview of all treatments for which you can go to our dental practice in Lelystad, we would like to refer you to our treatments page. Because we have different specializations, we can help you with all your dental challenges. Please feel free to contact us for more information Contact with us.

The dentist in Lelystad uses the rates that are determined nationally at the beginning of the year by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). For an up-to-date overview of all dental rates, you can take a look at website of the NZa. Here you will find a table containing all dental treatments including associated rates.

In short, every dentist charges the same rates. Yet we know how to distinguish ourselves from other dentists in Lelystad by keeping the quality high and giving you the attention and personal guidance you deserve. Feel free to visit our beautiful and modern dental practice in Lelystad. We look forward to receiving you.

In our practice we can treat you under anesthesia

Anesthesia Dentist Lelystad

Welcome to the anesthesia dentist from Lelystad. We offer treatments under anesthesia especially for children and adults with a fear of the dentist. By undergoing your treatment under anesthesia, you will receive a quick and pain-free treatment.

Would you like to know whether you are eligible for treatment by the anesthesia dentist in Lelystad? Please feel free Contact with us. We can map out your health situation by means of an extensive medical questionnaire. We will then discuss the sedation options with you.

Within our practice it is also possible to have one nitrous oxide treatment to undergo. Laughing gas is a substance used by the dentist to remove the sharp edges. It provides a calming effect and takes away some of the pain. In some cases, additional local anesthesia is necessary. By administering the laughing gas, you will not notice this.

You will really feel at ease in our dental practice in Lelystad. Register immediately through our website.

Due to our extensive experience with anxious patients and the ability to treat you under anesthesia, we can guarantee you a pleasant dental visit. Feel free to come by.

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