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Sedation Light anesthesia

The costs for anesthesia are 450 euros per 60 minutes for adults
The treatment is free for children aged 8 to 17.

In addition to dental costs, we charge costs for anesthesia. This depends on how long the treatment lasts. Unfortunately, the costs of anesthesia are not reimbursed by health insurers. You will always receive a budget from us that lists all costs.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize an anesthesia treatment at very short notice. If you experience a lot of pain, we advise you to contact an emergency dentist.

We can perform all treatments except placing implants. Under anesthesia we perform all treatments necessary to get your teeth healthy again. This means you only have to one-time anesthetized.

Sedation Nitrous oxide

What does laughing gas do?

Nitrous oxide can help you undergo your dental treatments quietly and calmly. It is a form of sedation that keeps you fully conscious. You can still see and hear everything, but the 'sharp edges' are gone. Laughing gas is experienced as pleasant by almost everyone.

Laughing gas sedation is mainly intended for the calming effect. In addition, it takes away some of the pain. Some dental treatments require additional local anesthesia. The laughing gas ensures that you will hardly feel the administration of the local anesthetic (the “prick”).

You will receive the laughing gas through a nose cap, through which you simply breathe in and out. Pure oxygen is first given through the nasal mask. Then, step by step, more and more laughing gas is administered. After a few minutes you will feel relaxed and pleasant. You consciously experience the treatment, but you are much more relaxed than when you lie “normally” in the dental chair.

The nitrous oxide treatment is specially intended for children, anxious patients and patients with an intellectual or physical disability, an increased tendency to gag/vomit.

Nitrous oxide has a quick effect. At the optimal dose, your limbs often feel heavy. You may sweat a little on your forehead or upper lip, feel your hands tingling or your lips become numb. In addition, you lose the sense of time, so that the treatment seems to go much faster. Sometimes you hear everything more clearly.

After the treatment, the dentist allows only oxygen to flow through the mask for a few minutes. This 'flushes' the laughing gas out of your body and you will soon feel normal again. You are advised to take a 15-minute rest in the waiting room before returning to traffic.

Unfortunately, most health insurers do not reimburse the costs of administering nitrous oxide.

The costs are B10+B11+B12 = €99.76

Seeing is believing and would you like to give it a try? Then make an introductory appointment to determine whether treatment with nitrous oxide is the right method for you.